Statistical Analysis Plan and Problem-Solving Techniques A3 and 8D Problem Solving Project Readiness Kit (Publication Date: 2024/02)


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Discover Insights, Make Informed Decisions, and Stay Ahead of the Curve:

  • Are the data collection requirements sufficient to support all planned analyses?
  • What statistical or other qualitative procedures were followed to measure program risk?
  • Is the data analyzed as pre specified in the protocol/statistical analysis plan?
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    Statistical Analysis Plan Assessment Project Readiness Kit – Utilization, Solutions, Advantages, BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal):

    Statistical Analysis Plan

    A statistical analysis plan is used to determine if the data collected is enough to support the intended analyses.

    1) Root Cause Analysis: identify underlying issues and address them for long-term solution
    2) PDCA Cycle: continual improvement process to ensure effectiveness of implemented solutions
    3) Fishbone Diagram: visually map out potential causes for better problem understanding and solution selection

    8D Problem Solving:
    1) Teamwork: involve cross-functional team for diverse perspectives and knowledge for comprehensive solution
    2) Problem Description: clearly define the problem to focus efforts on the right issues
    3) Corrective Action Plan: develop a plan with specific actions, responsibilities, and timelines for effective implementation.

    CONTROL QUESTION: Are the data collection requirements sufficient to support all planned analyses?

    Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for 10 years from now:

    Our goal is to become the leading provider of statistical analysis services for businesses and research institutions in the field of data science and analytics. We aim to achieve this by consistently delivering high-quality and comprehensive Statistical Analysis Plans (SAPs) that support all planned data analyses.

    By the year 2030, we aspire to have established a global network of highly skilled statisticians and data scientists who are committed to continuously enhancing their expertise and staying abreast of the latest developments in the field. We will have a strong reputation for delivering SAPs that are tailored to our clients′ specific needs and have a proven track record of helping them achieve their research and business objectives.

    In addition to our core services, we will also offer a wide range of specialized training programs and workshops to empower individuals and organizations to better understand and utilize statistical analysis in their work. Our aim is to not only provide excellent SAPs but also to educate and empower our clients to make well-informed decisions based on data.

    To support our growth and innovation, we will continually invest in cutting-edge technology and tools to enhance our data processing, analysis, and visualization capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the go-to source for all statistical analysis needs, setting the gold standard for SAPs and driving the advancement of data-driven decision making worldwide.

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    “I`ve tried several Project Readiness Kits before, but this one stands out. The prioritized recommendations are not only accurate but also easy to interpret. A fantastic resource for data-driven decision-makers!”

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    Statistical Analysis Plan Case Study/Use Case example – How to use:

    Client Situation:
    XYZ Pharmaceuticals is a leading global pharmaceutical company that specializes in developing and marketing innovative medicines for various diseases, such as cardiovascular, oncology, and metabolic disorders. The company has recently conducted a phase III clinical trial for a new drug, and they are preparing to submit a New Drug Application (NDA) to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The success of the NDA submission relies on the accuracy and validity of the statistical analysis plan (SAP) that will be used to analyze the clinical trial data. Therefore, XYZ Pharmaceuticals seeks assistance from our consulting firm to ensure that their SAP is robust and provides sufficient evidence to support all planned analyses.

    Consulting Methodology:
    Our consulting team will use a systematic approach to evaluate the data collection requirements and determine if they are sufficient to support the planned analyses. The methodology includes the following steps:

    1. Review the Study Protocol: We will start by reviewing the study protocol to understand the objectives, endpoints, study design, and statistical methods outlined for the clinical trial. This will help us gain a comprehensive understanding of the study and its requirements.

    2. Identify Data Collection Requirements: Based on the study protocol, we will identify the data elements required for the planned analyses. These may include demographics, medical history, laboratory tests, adverse events, and other relevant data.

    3. Evaluate Data Collection Methods: Next, we will review the data collection methods used in the clinical trial and assess their adequacy in capturing the necessary data elements. This will include examining the source data, data formats, and data quality control measures.

    4. Conduct a Gap Analysis: We will then compare the identified data collection requirements against the data collected in the clinical trial to identify any gaps. This will help us determine if there are any missing data or potential sources of bias.

    5. Determine Sufficiency of Data: Based on the results of the gap analysis, we will determine whether the data collection requirements are sufficient to support the planned analyses. We will also consider factors such as the sample size, study population, and statistical power in our assessment.

    Our consulting team will provide a comprehensive report that summarizes our findings and recommendations. The report will include:

    1. Summary of Data Collection Requirements: We will provide a detailed summary of the data collection requirements identified from the study protocol.

    2. Assessment of Data Collection Methods: Our report will include an evaluation of the data collection methods used in the clinical trial and their adequacy in capturing the necessary data elements.

    3. Gap Analysis Results: We will highlight any gaps between the identified data collection requirements and the data collected in the clinical trial.

    4. Sufficiency of Data: Based on our assessment, we will clearly state whether the data collection requirements are sufficient to support all planned analyses or if any modifications are needed.

    Implementation Challenges:
    During our review, we may encounter some challenges that could impact the validity of the data and the accuracy of the planned analyses. These challenges may include missing data, data errors, or deviations from the study protocol. Our team will work closely with XYZ Pharmaceuticals to address these challenges and minimize their impact on the overall analysis plan.

    Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
    To measure the success of our consulting services, we will use the following KPIs:

    1. Completion of the SAP review within the agreed timeline.
    2. Identification of any gaps or challenges in the data collection requirements.
    3. Quality of the recommendations provided to improve the data collection methods.
    4. Client satisfaction with the overall consulting process and final report.

    Management Considerations:
    Our consulting team will collaborate closely with the XYZ Pharmaceuticals team throughout the SAP review process. This will ensure that all concerns and questions are addressed promptly, and the final recommendations are aligned with the company′s goals and objectives. We will also adhere to ethical and legal guidelines in our analysis and provide evidence-based recommendations to support our findings.

    In conclusion, the success of the NDA submission for the new drug developed by XYZ Pharmaceuticals relies heavily on the validity and robustness of the statistical analysis plan. Our consulting firm will conduct a thorough review of the data collection requirements and provide evidence-based recommendations to support all planned analyses. This will increase the chances of a successful NDA approval and ultimately benefit patients in need of the new drug.

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