OmniPlan: Have adequate contingency planning and allowances been incorporated into the project parameters to provide for major risk factors which may adversely affect project success?

Process, you may encounter unforeseen expenses, difficulties, complications, delays and other unknown factors that may adversely affect your business, understood by senior management and some mitigating actions may already be in place. In addition, maintaining similar financial returns is dependant on visitation and a number of factors which will have to be incorporated into the planning for the project.

Potential Impact

The action selected for each risk will depend on the project phase, the options that are available, and the resources that can be used for risk management, each time a new estimate is generated throughout project development, the potential risks to the project need to be reevaluated and the risk management strategy should be updated, also, stress tests of varying granularity may also have been carried out to assess the impact.

You are working with your project stakeholders to consider the risks in the project that can adversely affect the project objectives.

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